worker work‧er [ˈwɜːkə ǁ ˈwɜːrkər] noun [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
one of the people who work for an organization or business, and are below the level of manager:

• There are new health and safety regulations for factory workers.

• Many office workers suffer from eyestrain.

— see also teleworker
word focus - worker
An employee is someone who is paid to work for an organization, especially someone who has a low-ranking job. A member of staff/​staff member is someone who is employed by a company, organization, school etc. The staff are the people who work for an organization or business :

• We now employ a staff of 25.

The workforce is all the people who work in a country, industry, or large organization:

• State industry employs almost one-third of China’s urban workforce of 150 million.

Labour /​Labor is all the people who work in an industry or country, especially people whose jobs involve working with their hands, in factories etc rather than in offices. Personnel are the people employed by a particular company or organization. Manpower is all the workers available to work for an employer or country. A colleague or co-worker is someone you work with, especially in an office. Aworkmate is someone who works closely with you, especially someone you are friendly with.
asˈsembly ˌworker [countable]
someone who works in a factory on a production putting together one part of a product before passing it to the next machine or worker:

• a strike by assembly workers at the local car factory

blue-ˈcollar ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker who does physical work, rather than work in management or administration:

• The company hopes to reduce back injuries amongst its blue-collar workers.

ˈcontract ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker who has a temporary contract to do a particular piece of work, but is not an employee of the company who they are working for:

• A report that said contract workers receive less safety training than permanent workers.

ˈcore ˌworkers [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES
the most necessary or important workers in an organization:

• A strike by even a small number of core workers such as train drivers or signalmen can paralyse the network.

ˈfactory ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
someone who works in a factory; = BLUE-COLLAR WORKER:

• Like many of the city's estates, this one was built for car factory workers.

ˈfarm ˌworker [countable] FARMING
a person who works for a farmer:

• 30,000 EU farm workers demonstrated in Brussels about low pay and bad conditions.

ˈguest ˌworker [countable]
someone who comes to another country to work in a low-paid job, usually for a limited period of time:

• Fifteen million guest workers in the EU have no civic rights and no right to vote.

ˈhome ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
someone who does their job from home rather than an office
ˈmanual ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker who does physical work:

• 39% of those who were unemployed for up to six months were manual workers.

ˈmobile ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
someone whose job involves working in different places:

• mobile workers such as field service engineers

noˌmadic ˈworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
someone who works while they are away from the office, travelling on business etc, using modern means of communication:

• Nomadic workers are no longer tied to a desk, but can review or change their documents and data on the move.

pink-ˈcollar ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker, usually a female one, who does a low-paid job, for example in an office or restaurant
portˈfolio ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a professional person who works for many different companies or individuals; = FREELANCER
ˈskilled ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker who does work that involves special skills that they have gained through training:

• skilled workers such as plumbers and electricians

ˈtransient ˌworker [countable]
someone who passes quickly through a place, doing a series of usually badly paid jobs that do not need special skills
unˈskilled ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker who does work that does not involve any special skill or training:

• Simple, repetitive tasks are performed by unskilled workers under close supervisory control.

white-ˈcollar ˌworker [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a worker who works in management or administration, rather than one who does physical work:

• The overall cost-cutting effort will largely affect white-collar workers.

* * *

worker UK US /ˈwɜːkər/ noun [C] HR, WORKPLACE
a person who works for a company or organization: »

Some of the region's employers have developed shortages of high-tech workers.


Employers will require more money if they are to retrain older workers.


a skilled/unskilled/semi-skilled worker


migrant/seasonal/casual workers


a temporary/full-time/part-time worker


blue-collar/white-collar/pink-collar workers


low-paid/low-skilled/low-wage workers


undocumented/illegal/transient workers


a factory/construction/farm worker


private-sector/public-sector workers


a contract/freelance/self-employed worker


a key/core worker

hire/employ/recruit workers »

The company knowingly hired illegal workers.

lay off/sack/fire workers »

Across the country, automobile plants are laying off workers.

a person who works in a particular way: a good/hard/lazy worker »

Employers realize they must compete for good workers.

See also ASSEMBLY WORKER(Cf. ↑assembly worker), CO-WORKER(Cf. ↑co-worker), GUEST WORKER(Cf. ↑guest worker), HOME WORKER(Cf. ↑home worker), KNOWLEDGE WORKER(Cf. ↑knowledge worker), MANUAL WORKER(Cf. ↑manual worker), MOBILE WORKER(Cf. ↑mobile worker), NOMADIC WORKER(Cf. ↑nomadic worker), PORTFOLIO WORKER(Cf. ↑portfolio worker), ASSEMBLY WORKER(Cf. ↑assembly worker), ASSEMBLY WORKER(Cf. ↑assembly worker)
the workers — Cf. the workers

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